we do what banks
won’t do for you.

We do what banks
won’t do for you.

purchase order financing

Purchase Order Financing is a funding option for businesses that need cash to purchase the supplies needed to fill a customer order. By providing funding for purchase orders, we can help your business to deliver your orders on time, in full and build a reputation as a reliable supplier.

how does it work?

Step 1: We – The X Quotient – pay your Suppliers on your behalf.

Step 2: Your Suppliers deliver the product directly to your Customer.

Step 3:  You invoice your Customer.

Step 4: We – You and The X Quotient – wait to receive payment from your Customer.

Step 5: We – The X Quotient – pays you the remainder after deducting our capital and fees.

Requirements from your side:
An official Purchase Order issued by the Government, Parastatal or Large Corporate company.
We only finance purchase orders for the supply of finished goods. We do not fund performance related activities like Construction, Catering and other service type activities. (See FAQ’s section for more info)
The expenditure should be above R250,000. Should the expenditure be below R250,000 then your company’s combined annual turnover and assets should be above R1,000,000 for us to be able to assist you. (NCR mandated minimum)

the funding process


Primary Documents

Complete the online application and upload all necessary documents requested in the application form.


Project proposal

If pre-approved, we will send you a Project Finance Proposal within 24 Business hours.



  • Contracts drafted.
  • Regulated bank account application drafted.
  • Electronic/Online signature.
  • We will verify/validate the Purchase Order and Suppliers


payment & Deliveries

  • CASH ADVANCE loans disbursed
  • Supplier payment and deliveries to customers.
  • Invoices submitted for payment



Payment receipted into the Regulated Account and the funds, due to you, will be paid into your company bank account within 24 hours.

benefits of p.o. funding

No Collateral

No collateral security needed, we only require a valid Purchase Order from a reputable institution.


Our turnaround time is much quicker than that of traditional financial institutions, you will have an answer within 24 hours!

no cash

We do not require a cash contribution from you, so you can use your cash to pay your normal day to day expenses.

on time

Deliver on time – We help you keep your promises when it comes to the agreed delivery date.

in full

Deliver in full – We help you to purchase all the goods needed to fulfill the entire order in one go, no more part deliveries.


Build a good reputation as a reliable supplier

service enhancements

only available to existing clients


Cash Advance

We understand that you might have urgent expenses that need to be paid and you cannot always wait the full 30 days for your customer to pay us after delivery during a Purchase Order Finance transaction.  We have developed a solution to bridge the cashflow gap.  If your transaction qualifies for this product feature, we will advance a portion of the proceeds from the transaction to you in the form of cash before your client has made payment. This can be used for any urgent cash requirements you may have, like rent, salaries etc.


Invoice Discounting

We have learned that you won’t always need our help when you get an order, and that is a good thing because it means you are growing and starting to stand on your own feet.  But sometimes after using your own cash to deliver goods or provide a service to your clients, the 30 day wait to get paid becomes too much. Emergency expenses come up or you receive a new order and need to buy stock, and then you are stuck. For our existing clients – that’s you – we offer an Invoice Discounting service. 

Definition: Invoice Discounting is a financial transaction in which a business sells its unpaid invoices at a discount in order to get paid immediately and avoid having to wait for payment. 

So in short, in these cases we will buy that invoice which is awaiting payment from you at a small discount, and you will get the cash you need immediately.

What our clients think!

When I received my first Purchase order for R200 000 I was very excited but nervous at the same time, this was because I didn’t have funding for my very first project that I had to prove myself.

One good friend of mine referred me to X Quotient, where I met Pieter he explained everything and We started the funding process, In less than two weeks they helped me to buy and to deliver the stock where it was required.

X Quotient is very good company that I’d like to recommend everyone who might need funding. Everything is transparent.

Fulufhelo Makhado | Fulmak Productions Enterprisee Pty Ltd

X Quotient is simple amazing, I was expecting a turnaround of 2 weeks but our funding application was processed in about 72 hours, for me that was excellent customer service.

With X Quotient we were able to deliver on time to our client as X Quotient assist us with all our specific needs. Again thank you all at X Quotient for all the assistance…we will gladly recommend X Quotient to anyone who requires fast reliable assistance with purchase order funding…

Mongezi Mpongoma | CEO | Lezi Technologies (Pty) Ltd

As a young entrepreneur in IT Company dealing with government department as a supplier. We all know the frustration we get for funding its a nightmare (the waiting period for approval/ documentation)..But “The X Quotient” made all that possible and easy to deal with them – registration, company vetting with a blink of an eye BOOOM!!!! my supplier was paid. The process are so 👌 Try them I fully recommend the X Quotient www.thexquotient.com )

Wonder Mlambo | Max It Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Hello Pieter

you and the whole team of X Quotient have been offering amazing service to my company all these years. I speak proudly of you to my colleagues.

Bongani Nkosi | Maricab construction and Logistics Pty Ltd

We do not look at you as our funder, we look at you as our business partner. At the time we needed help, when all traditional funding institutions turned a blind eye on us, you came through for us and made us keep our business going. Without any cashflow our type of business where we do a lot of buying and selling, we can never survive. The XQuotient gave us a new lease of life as we continue to build our business. The turn around time makes it easy to compete and complete our orders within agreed time frames with our clients. You always try and accommodate each deal on its merit making us be able to continue selling and focusing less on funding. Thank you Pieter for having our back when need support. And to Eileen, we can’t get anything done with your quick processing of paperwork. We are happy to recommend you to any type of business, you are an excellent Business Partner!

Osca Chauraya | Sales Director | Redefine IT Solutions

My name is Nandi Mbulawa, my company is Lilanga Trading and Enterprises as a small business in South Africa there is always a red tape especially to get funding.However through the word of mouth I stumbled a named Donald Maila who introduce to X Quotient.Reluctantly I drove to meet the owner what a pleasant guy,who would swear you have met Pieter before.He took me through the process of funding POs,I wasn’t sure that I will be able complete their forms but to my surprise they were so user friendly.Within two days received my answer been funded with low percentage,I have never looked back if I’m stuck with POs X Quotient was a call away.I have built such a relationship with them.My business grew and was able to fund myself in the last year of the contract.What I also liked about them,if I had pressing deadlines Pieter would not mind to say,Nandi I would drive to where you are to pay for your transaction.I have recommended them to many people,I won’t hesitate to recommend X Quotient to anybody who need business financial assistance.

Nandi Mbulawa

make ends meet. deliver on time. get the job done!

Make ends meet. Deliver on time. Get the job done!